Business Development

The UpTown Association’s Business Development Program can assist you in identifying applicable grants and loans that can help your business achieve success. In support of our goal to create economic opportunities, The UpTown Association has created the Business Development Program to help new and existing UpTown businesses identify programs and funding sources for economic growth. The program is funded through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the City of Toledo’s Department of Neighborhoods.


Enterprise Development Loans to fund new construction, renovate existing buildings, acquire fixed assets and inventory.

Any business within the UpTown area or business relocating to UpTown. 

Start-up businesses.

The UpTown District Urban Overlay District is intended to:

  1. Provide a review process for proposed physical changes to structures and public space within the UpTown District;

  2. Implement appropriate building and parking setbacks that accommodate redevelopment thatarecompatiblewithhistoricalbuildingpatterns;and

  3. Promote development that features retail display windows, rear parking lots, and other pedestrian-oriented site design features.

  4. Encourage Public Art & Green Infrastructure.

Find out more here: Uptown UNO District Overlay

Assess appropriate financial programs and resources.

Determine your eligibility for funding.

Provide technical assistance in preparing funding applications.

Assist you with preparing your business plan.

Orchestrate venture capital commitments with financial institutions.

Facilitate business partnerships.

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